My name is Nanda and I love to create illustration and graphic design work. Everything colorful, happy and playful is what I will create. I want to bring that positive spark in a world that’s sometimes filled with darkness.

If you would like to work with me, please sent me an e-mail at info@sunflowersunshine.nl or through the contact page on my website.

Projects I’ve worked on previously are: bookcovers, fully illustrated books, wedding stationery, birth announcements, logo design, branding, postcards, posters, wrapping paper, fabric patterns. 


Selected clients:

Blossom Books
Marina Writes
Blur Your Life
’t Koffieboontje
Royal Jongbloed
Sestra Thuis Magazine
UMC Utrecht
Kortenoeven & Zn
Boekhandel Roodbeen Nijkerk
+ all individual people that order custom made
designs, like wedding stationery,
custom posters and birth announcements.